Orlando Magic’s Lucas Daniel Boyce Announces Release of New Book, Living Proof

The 228-page book is a first-hand account of Boyce’s birth to a drug-and alcohol-addicted teenager, his journey through foster care, adoption, working in the White House and now the National Basketball Association

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Magic Director of Community Relations, Multicultural Insights and Government Affairs Lucas Daniel Boyce announced today the release of his new book, Living Proof: From Foster Care to the White House and the NBA.

In his role with the Magic, Boyce is responsible for the strategic business planning and direction of the organization’s multicultural initiatives, diverse outreach and government affairs. Additionally, Boyce helps oversee the Magic’s community relations department and is responsible for directing many of the Magic’s community outreach programs.

The 11 chapter, 228-page book, complete with photo-page inserts, is being published by Advantage Media Group and is being released in the U.S. in paper-back, and e-book formats, both for a price of $16.99. The paper-back is currently available on www.BarnesandNoble.com for just $12.23. The book is also available on Amazon.com

“I am an eyewitness to God’s incredible grace and am thankful for the opportunity to share, what I hope will be, a story of encouragement and inspiration,” Boyce said. “It is my hope that everyone who reads this book will come away believing that no matter the circumstance, they can accomplish their goals.”

Proceeds To Benefit Orlando Magic Youth Foundation (OMYF)

Ten percent of all speaking fees and proceeds from Living Proof will be donated to the Orlando Magic’s charitable arm, the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation. OMYF is dedicated to helping every child in Central Florida realize their full potential, especially those most at risk, by supporting programs and partnerships that empower families and change lives.

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