It’s a few more minutes of prayer with your heavenly father in the morning.

It’s fasting one more meal than you planned. It’s a few more dollars in the plate – giving even though it hurts.  It’s the full measure of devotion. It’s dedication. It’s follow through. It’s intensity. It’s endurance. It’s fortitude and sustained commitment. It’s never giving up; believing against all odds; and maximum effort.  Sometimes it’s giving more than you hope to receive and demanding more of yourself than people expect. This is the Essence of Being All In

It’s surrender, it’s sacrifice – and sometimes it’s enduring the pain of discipline for the reward of discipleship.  Are you ALL IN?

It’s overcoming the world through faith. It’s living a life worthy of the fullness of the Father.  It’s dwelling in the presence of God and his Christ forever and ever.  It’s clothing the naked, administering to the sick and feeding the hungry.  It’s being his hands, his eyes, his feet, his mouth at all times and in all places. It’s diligence, it’s going on offense, it’s full throttle.

But it’s more than just fasting and prayer, and worship on Sunday morning, or a Wednesday evening. It’s living life on purpose for a purpose every waking moment of every day.  It’s when every thought is truly captive to Christ.

It’s when we see God, when we feel God in:

  • The Music we listen too
  • At School
  • On the Job
  • In Our Families
  • When he is the center of every Relationship

It’s when we give every ounce of our:

  • Energy
  • Effort
  • Dependence
  • Independence
  • Fears
  • Frustrations
  • Failings
  • Faults
  • Dreams
  • Hopes
  • Our worst Moments
  • And our Best Moments

Over to his Will.

For me…this is the Essence of Being All In…