The next time you are frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, or fearful.

The next time you are full of remorse and in need of rescue from barriers that hold you back.

The next time things just don’t feel right at the job or maybe you’re stuck in a rut.

The next time relationships are in disrepair, undeniably broken, or non-existent.

The next time you feel alone with a huge hole in your heart.

The next time you’re in prison bound by the chains of past decisions that have come to fruition.

The next time you are fighting disease, despair, or darkness.

The next time you feel the weight of sin.

Or the next time you just don’t know what to do or which direction to go.

 I would offer this encouragement and ask you to…

  • Think
  • Believe
  • & Live

 Three simple words


Maybe those next times are now times.

I know some of them are for me.

Those of us who are Christians celebrate the anniversary when three simple words were spoken.

The enemy present at the cross that day laughed and beat his chest in what he thought was victory

It’s interesting to ponder what the world defines as triumph sometimes…

The Father knew differently that day and whispered for all eternity to hear

Wait.. I will show you something… and it will be better than anyone could ever imagine.

The echo of a past promise from heaven still reverberates across the arc of time

If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.

This statement never possible if God’s servant had not poured out His soul on the cross that day and said three simple words…


Three very simple words spoken in the midst of eternity in both directions changed life’s purpose, meaning, nature, and the course of history on this earth forever.

 Three simple words profound and alive as they race throughout history to fulfill their purpose in the souls of anyone  (man, woman, or child) who would…

  • Think
  • Believe
  • & Live

Where there is darkness, despair, and despondency

God’s servant introduces an ever present light.

Where there is bondage and a hole so deep that life feels like a suffocating prison

The Son lives and Because He Lives there is…

Reconciliation, Redemption, Resurrection and Rescue

Where there was hopelessness or helplessness

The God of the universe says…

Wait I will show you something – and it will be better than all your planning

Where there seems to be a lack of God’s will on the earth

A society that falls short in living up to the vision of what the Father has in store for us

The echoes of scripture written long ago can still be heard…

The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our God and His Christ.

He will come again.

Where there is oppression and even affliction

We know that God suffered these things as well so that they can be no more.

The Servant of God has borne our grief.

He has carried every sorrow and with one atonement

He now proclaims… 


The Servant was wounded for your transgressions.

He was bruised for your iniquity.

The chastisement of your peace was upon Him.

And with His stripes He declares you are healed.

Again He says…



I would never presume to judge another knowing my own struggles and the constant fight between darkness and light in my own life.

All of humanity is fallen.

Short of what He would have us to Do – Be – and Become

And of His glory all of us fail to Hear, to Feel and to See

But if in the spirit his judgment declares us poor

His stripes declare…


And We are Built for Something More

Where there is disease, death, danger, and debt…


We are now alive and free

Empowered to:

  • Think
  • Believe
  • & Live in Peace

The Father has witnessed the travail of His soul.

And because He Lives we are now whole.

And because of this every time I fail & you fall

God has placed it on Him – on the cross…. for us all

The righteous servant in his courage, obedience and love – still longs to justify every man, woman, boy and girl

Who will..

  • Think
  • Believe
  • & Live

Three simple words

Three simple words our hope for intercession – the only valid defense before God’s throne.

It matters not what we do, who we are, or what we become

All the “good works” we could ever hope to accomplish mean nothing, and accomplish nothing.

Three simple words our only credible defense


Where there is struggle

He proclaims sovereignty and asks us to:

  • Think
  • Believe
  • & Live


Where there was drunkenness, sloth, and weakness

Where there is pride, profanity, and lust

Where there is deceit, abuse, slavery, and inequality

Where there is lack of money and prosperity

Where there is joblessness

Where there is anything that fails

The three simple words he has spoken – will surely prevail.


So the next time… or maybe now is the time

But regardless know that for all time

Three simple words are the bookends of history

And have the power to redefine each circumstance and every moment

We Think defeat is not final

We Believe death is not the end

We Live a new beginning with each new day.

If we decide to embrace three simple words


More than a Proclamation, a Declaration, or Commitment

 This Emancipation can be true in all of us … for all of us

If we would join God’s son and say…