Every December I take inventory of the last 12 months and try to put together a plan for the new year. I wanted this year’s theme to center around the need for more discipline. I settled on two verses from the New Testament book of Romans that capture the intent of my focus. In chapter 12:1-2, we are encouraged to not conform to the world but present ourselves as LIVING SACRIFICES.

The Apostle Paul tells us we don’t have to live life the worlds way. Paul doesn’t tell us what to do without giving the prescription for how though. He encourages us to “renew (or change) our minds” that we may be Living Proof of God’s perfect will. To be the living sacrifices we are called to be requires commitment to a daily discipline. Thoughts become actions so if we are continually, actively refreshing our thoughts – our actions will reflect that effort. That’s tough but as Tony Robbins says, “every disciplined effort brings multiple reward.” A common new years resolution you hear is to excercise and run more. Think about what you could accomplish with your physical body if you made the decision to excercise daily. The same principle applies to how we govern our minds – and the actions that come about as a result of our thoughts.  The word Decision literally means to “cut from”. So if you cut from your life those thoughts that tear down and focus instead on things that build up — as a daily excercise – Imagine what you could accomplish. You could be Living Proof of God’s perfect will.