By Shannon Owens, Orlando Sentinel Reporter, June 9,2010

Orlando Magic executive Lucas Boyce has an incredible story to share. And that’s exactly what he did Tuesday, June 8 when he spoke to a large group of youth at the Orange Youth Academy, under the umbrella of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

Lucas Boyce, 31, was born two months premature to a drug addicted mother, and ultimately adopted, by a loving family. Struggling with behavior issues, Boyce flunked kindergarten but that is when his adoptive mother, Dorothy, gave him life changing advice.

1. Remember who you are and who you represent.

2. Work late, study hard and you will be successful.

Boyce told the kids he had three goals in life: to work for the White House, fly on Air Force One and work for an NBA team. He achieved all three goals having served at the White House in the Office of Political Affairs where he monitored political activity and tracked key races across the Plains-Southwest region of the United States under the watch of President George W. Bush.

Very inspirational speech for a group of young men who need positive role models and positive messages. I will be following up with Mr. Boyce for a feature story.