To my mom, Dorothy Boyce. Mom, your life example, sacrifice, counsel and courage are an inspiration to not only me but to lives you’ll never know you’ve touched. Thank you for taking me in and adopting me into your family. I will never forget your incredible gift of love and it is the great honor of my life to be your son.

To my birth mother. I love you. And I’m so sorry for the picture of you I’ve had in my head all of these years. Having struggled with some of the same things that you struggled with has tempered me and crushed me to powder. I can only imagine the incredible fight with substance abuse you had as a teenager. I’m in awe of you that you would go through with the pregnancy. I’m in awe of you that you would seek a better life for me than what you could have offered at the time. I love you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot wait for the day – either in this life or the next — when I will be able to thank you personally for the life your choices have afforded to me. As a 35 and 36 year old I have struggled with some of the same things that sought to destroy you. I understand your life and your sacrifices more now and I’m sorry for how I have portrayed you. I’m sorry for the words in the original version of this book that refer to you as a crack whore… because… that’s not who you are at all. You are a hero, a courageous person and I cannot wait for the day when I can embrace you and tell you “I’m sorry” and express my regret and love face to face.

I thank the God of the universe for your life and the life of my father… whoever he may be.

I love you both with all my heart.

Your Son, Lucas

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    The powerful story an illegitimate, black foster care child, the unwavering faith of his white adoptive mother, and their improbable journey to prove that when hard work, determination and grace meet opportunity… anything can happen.

    The powerful story of a former foster care child, born premature to an alcohol- and drug-addicted teenager who traded sex for drugs, and how he overcame daunting life challenges in pursuit of his dreams. Developmentally delayed as a result of his birth mother’s abuse, Lucas Daniel Boyce struggled out of the gate and ended up failing kindergarten. His adoptive mother didn’t cast him aside as another tragic statistic however. Instead, Dorothy Boyce instilled in Lucas two very important principles that drove his determination to overcome the cards he’d been dealt and enabled him to eventually serve at the White House, fly aboard Air Force One, and become an executive for the NBA’s Orlando Magic at the young age of 29.