I applied for an Executive MBA program at a prestigious university last week. I’m trying to develop professionally and make an impact on the world and was hoping this would be a step in that direction. I will be candid with you. I didn’t accomplish my aim but somehow it isn’t failure. God had something else in mind that again is better than all my planning. Below are my thoughts that encapsulates the experience.

I launched out into the deep at a million miles an hour.
Convinced I could do it in my own strength and in my own power.

Heaven chuckled, there he goes again.
Always trying to conquer the big stuff, always trying to win.

In the midst of back sliding and disgrace.
I’m eyewitness again to incredible mercy and improbable grace.

I launched out and I reached for the stars.
But at the end of the day His will didn’t reach that far.

Instead He placed me with His gentle hand
On the moon is where He thought it best I land.