Today I had the opportunity to visit an amazing community health care facility called Grace Medial Home. Currently there are 200,000 Orange County Florida residents who live without healthcare in Central Florida. Grace Medical Home was opened in April of this year to bridge that gap. Due to the generosity of a few caring Doctors, nurses, social workers and an army of volunteers there is a place for our region’s most needy to receive basic care.

I was able to spend some time with the staff and tour the facility.  I witnessed a little girl about the age of eight receiving care for perhaps the first time in a long time. I met incredible Doctors, nurses and volunteers who volunteer their services to help those in need. It was impressive to see and affirmed my belief that God is alive in the hearts and minds of men today.

How this facility came about is pretty incredible. Several years ago, two physicians participated in a medical mission trip in the Dominican Republic.  There, they focused on helping the Dominicans turn their clinic that was only for sick children of the community into a medical home where health care providers knew the patients by name and had their medical history on file. They saw first-hand of the need to provide high quality and continuous care to those in need. This experience planted the seed for this service in Orlando and Grace Medical Home began to grow. One of those physicians, Dr. Marvin Hardy, resigned his medical practiced and put his heart into creating a place of refuge right here in Orlando.

Thousands of volunteers in all ages and stages of life continue to donate their time, talent and treasure to the vision of Grace.  It is an exceptional medical practice to serve the ongoing, primary care needs of prevention, wellness and sick care to the low income, uninsured of Orange County. Check out their website to see how you can get involved: