I just finished talking about my book at the Orange County Library at the downtown branch. I met some amazing amazing people that inspired me….one of which brought tears to my eyes.

A girl named “Brianne” lives at the coalition for the homeless. She worked at chik fil a year ago but became addicted to crack cocaine, heroin and spiraled out of control. She’s just finished her first 90 days in rehab and heard about my book and made it to the library. There was one book left in the gift shop that they held for her. She only had 3 dollars that she was going to use for bus fare. I was blessed to be able to give her a book in hopes that it coudl in some small way help her.  She is trying not to relapse – she’s trying to repair, rebuild, renew, restructure, and restore her life. I met another man whose name was “Duron” He lived at a group home here in Orlando and aged out of the foster care system. 5 different foster care homes between here and Atlanta GA I believe. He brought his son, today because he was once in foster care and wants his son to know what he went through and what he can achieve. It was my honor to meet him and I hope to become he and his sons friend.

I met another 12 year old boy who is adopted and has some developmental delay like I had growing up. He had some many insightful questions and told me “We have the same story.” Then I met a boy named “Antonio” He is a young 11 year old boy who has no clue who is father is. I shared a little about not knowing who my father is during the talk today. He came up to me all by himself and waited patiently in line after the talk. He said “it really touched me when you shared about not knowing who your father is because I don’t know who my father is either.” As he said this tears begin to well up in his eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes too. I brought him around the table and gave him a big Big hug. That  young man is my new mentee.! I can’t believe he is only 11. He is so mature, so incredibly awesome. He’s the coolest 11 year old kid I have ever met. I told him that he is an amazing person and I know it hurts to not have a dad but that he is special anyway and don’t let anyone tell him differently. I told him that he can be anything he wants to be and then I shared with him that one day he is going to share these same words with his son and encourage his son just like I’m trying to encourage him.

So that was my day and it was better than anything I could have planned for. My heart is warm just thinking about it. Thank you God for the incredible gift to be an eyewitness to your grace.